Beyond Measure

“People need to be energized, they need to be inspired, and they need to have their imaginations fired up.” – Sir Ken Robinson.

Raising Resilience invites the island community for a special screening of the acclaimed documentary Beyond Measure – a film of inspiring stories from the forefront of innovation in education.

What if we decide that the purpose of school is not the transmission of facts or formulas, but the transformation of every student? Imagine an education system that values personal growth over test scores. Inquiry over mimicry. Passion over rankings. And what if this paradigm-shift was driven from the ground up? By students, parents, and educators? By all of us?

Beyond Measure offers a positive picture of what’s possible in American education when communities decide they are ready for change. Are you?

TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 7 – 8:30 P.M. 
Bainbridge Cinemas at the Pavilion, 403 Madison Ave. N, Bainbridge Island
Tickets: $10 (presale) & $15 (at the door; cash or check only)


In Beyond Measure, we find a revolution brewing in public schools across the country. From rural Kentucky to New York City, schools that are breaking away from an outmoded, test-driven education are shaping a new vision for our classrooms. These are schools that see critical thinking, communication, exploration, experimentation, collaboration, and creativity as the key to good education. And they are dramatically improving outcomes for children of all backgrounds. They are schools where practically every student graduates and goes on to finish college.

By spotlighting success stories, Beyond Measure shows that it is possible to rise above America’s toxic achievement fixation and build a richer, deeper, more empowering, and student-centered education culture from the ground up.

Notable figures featured in the film include Sir Ken Robinson (international education expert and presenter of the most watched TED talk of all time), Linda Darling-Hammond (education advisor for President Obama’s 2008 campaign), and bestselling author Daniel Pink (Drive and A Whole New Mind). The film team includes Oscar-winning editor Jeffrey Friedman (Common Threads) and Executive Producer Lynda Weinman, founder of

vickiAbout the Director  
Vicki Abeles is a filmmaker, speaker, and passionate education advocate. Abeles began her career as a Wall Street attorney and turned filmmaker in 2007 when she co-directed the award winning documentary, Race to Nowhere, a vivid portrayal of the pressure-cooker culture dominating America’s schools. She is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Beyond Measure” featuring education change makers. Additional credits include Associate Producer on the Sundance favorite Miss Representation (2011), Associate Producer on Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish (2014) and co-author of the End the Race Companion Book for parents, educators and students (2010).

Running time: 80 minutes
Learn more about the movie and the companion book.
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