Parenting Right in the Middle

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When it comes to parenting tweens, the stakes are higher than ever. The traditional challenges of this age (identity, sexuality, risk-taking, communication with parents, etc.) are complicated by the dominance of technology and media in a broader culture of busy-ness, strain and stress that threatens the quality of family life.

Parenting Right in the Middle is a series of events for parents of children in fifth through eighth grades. By providing education, tools and gathering space, we will help parents move beyond crisis mode and into a more positive and intentional approach to parenting. We support a positive, practice- based approach to parenting that:

  • Develops essential internal strengths in parents and kids
  • Helps parents learn to limit, love, listen and laugh

Parenting Right in the Middle is a collaborative effort between the Bainbridge Island School District, Hyla Middle School, and Raising Resilience, and is funded by a grant from the Bainbridge Community Foundation.


Warmhearted-Coolheaded Tools for Parenting Tweens (Grades 5-8) December 3, 2014, 7 p.m.

Monthly TIPs Classes (Tools for Intentional Parenting)

Tween Territory: Expert Insights April 11, 2015

Weekly TIPS (Tools for Intentional Parenting)

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Facilitators for the Kick-off and TIPS classes are:

Kathie McCarthy, MA is a counselor focused on parents, youth and women of all ages. She develops programs and teaches through Hyla Middle School (sexuality education) and Grace Episcopal Church (parenting and youth programs).

Karolynn Flynn, M.Ed was a founding member and teacher at Hyla Middle School, and teaches Mindful Parenting classes, Mindfulness to kids and adults, and does one-on-one work with parents and students as a learning specialist and behavioral/emotional coach.